Major works

Major Works

It’s a fact of life that buildings need to be repaired, maintained and renewed.

From reactive works to planned programmes of maintenance works, every building needs work.

Major works are a must.  Whether it’s:

  • a programme of external (or internal) redecorations
  • roof works
  • works to the car park
  • replacement of lifts
  • new windows
  • upkeep and renewal communal services

and much more, these are all part of the ongoing management of a building.

And where a landlord proposes to carry out works which will cost any leaseholder more than £250 and recover the costs via the service charge, the landlord will either

Projects of major works can be expensive.  

And it’s other people’s money that’s being spent.

With the costs consequences being so drastic for a landlord who doesn’t comply, the expertise and advice we provide is essential.

Guiding you through the process

Consultation is a prescriptive process.  Get the process (or paperwork) wrong, or veer off track, and you could end up invalidating the exercise.

We can help guide you through the consultation.  Whether it’s advising on the processes, maybe preparing your notices, or helping respond to observations, we’re on hand.


Sometimes it’s not possible to consult.  Maybe it’s an emergency.

And sometimes there’s mistakes in the process followed.

Whatever the circumstances, we can help with securing dispensation from consultation.  Our team have a proven track record.


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