Short term lettings

It’s seemingly a modern phenomenon to let your property on a short term, perhaps even nightly, basis. The advent of various websites which facilitate this form of letting has led to a massive increase of this kind of activity.

But this activity is likely to amount to a breach of the terms of a lease. Leases contain a raft of obligations which set out the purposes for which the flat can (and can’t) be used, and also how leaseholders can (and can’t) behave. Short term letting may well place a leaseholder in breach of those obligations.

Although this is developing area of law, we’ve got the experts who can advise and guide you.

Our experienced team of litigators have experience of dealing with these kind of breaches to great success.

We have the knowledge and know-how to advise our clients on the most appropriate course of action to achieve the solutions they want, and achieve them in a cost effective and efficient way.