Breach of lease

Residential leases contain rafts of obligations that leaseholders are required to abide by.  Those obligations might prescribe how the flat is to be used by the leaseholder, how they’re to behave, and often list the things leaseholders cannot do.  Each lease is different, and each lease will set out the specific obligations.

From time to time, those obligations will be breached.  Perhaps a leaseholder has made alterations to the flat without consent of their landlord, maybe the flat is being sublet without consent, are there pets within the flat, or maybe the leaseholder is behaving in a way which is causing a nuisance to other occupiers.  There are lots of possible breaches and lots of different scenarios.  And at PM Legal, we’ve probably had experience of dealing with them.

Our experience and expertise enable us to deal with any breaches swiftly and efficiently.

We take the time to understand what our clients want to achieve, understanding their goals.  After all, not every breach of lease needs to result in litigation.  It may be a simple oversight on the part of the leaseholder which can be remedied with minimal fuss and expense.

But where early resolution isn’t possible, our County Court and Tribunal experts provide the practical advice our clients rely on.