Dealing with the preliminary notice

The preliminary notice is the first step in the appointment of manager process.

The notice will set out the matters complained of, the remedial action required, and the timescale for the landlord to undertake those actions.

If a tribunal appoints a manager, a landlord will be deprived of their proprietary right to manage their development. It’s a draconian order and one which isn’t imposed lightly. But that doesn’t mean a landlord can ignore the preliminary notice. On the contrary, a landlord will likely need to take some action to address the concerns of the leaseholders.

So if you receive a preliminary notice, don’t delay in getting advice and calling in the experts.

The clock is ticking and it’s important that advice is obtained.

At PM Legal, we’re well versed in advising landlords in these matters. We’ll not only advise you in relation to the breaches and whether the grounds might be met, but also look behind this and examine the technicalities of the matter. It’s that keen eye for detail and expertise that you need on your side in these matters.